About this website

This website is developed by me, @magnuswalberg a guardian in Destiny 2 who also happens to be a Computer Science student. I am lazy, and therefore i created Xur Bot to manage this website for me and every guardian in this galaxy who wants to know where Xur is every weekend.

Xur Bot is linked to Bungie's API and all the content you see on this website is beeing automaticlly generated and updated by him. When Xur arrives Xur Bot immediately updates this website with Xur's location and inventory. He allso keeps this website's list over all possible exotics Xur can sell up to date, and was the first to report that Xur could sell exotics from Season Of the Drifter.

Xur Bot allso manages a twitter account that automaticlly tweets Xur location and inventory every time Xur arrives. @XurDestiny2

Contact: post@xur.wiki

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