Where is Xûr?

Xur, agent of the nine in Destiny 2


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XÛR, Agent Of The Nine

A mysterious exotic vendor in Destiny 2.

Xûr is a mysterious vendor in Destiny 2 who sells exotic weapons, exotic armor, and an exotic engram in exchange for Legendary Shards. Xûr can appear on many different planets and locations in the Solar system. Each Friday on the daily reset, Xur appears on one of these planets and he will stay on that same location until the next Weekly Reset on Tuesday. In Destiny 2, Xûr can currently appear in various locations across the European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus, Io and The Tower hangar. Theese locations will change when Destiny 2 Beyond Light launches in November. Several of the locations he can appear on will be removed from the game, and new locations will be added. At this time we do not now if Xûr will be standing in new locations when Beyond Light launches. This website will be updated with new locations as soon as we learn where he will be located in Beyond Light.

Each week Xur bring with him four different exotic items that your Guardian can buy for Legendary Shards. In the first item slot he always sell an Exotic weapon. For the time being exotic weapons from Xur will only be interesting to new players in D2 as most long time players will already have acquired most of the Exotic Weapons Xur is selling. The exotic armour Xur sell on the other hand finally features randomized rolls. The armour he sell usually has really good stats and you should allways pay him a visit to se if he is selling a better version of the exotic armour you already own.

If you havent collected every exotic in the game yet buying Xur's exotic engram will give you an exotic you do not already own. Visiting Xur is a great way to add another exotic to your collection. Check out "Possible exotics" on this wiki to see what exotics you can get from the engram. If you already own every exotic, buing an exotic engram from Xûr is a great way to get better perks than the version you might already own. The exotic engram you can buy from Xûr will grant a new exotic until you have every world drop exotic you can get, then it will only give you random rolled armor. This is also true for every exotic engram that drop in game now.

Beyond the items, Xur also has the Five of Swords challenge card (to modify Nightfall difficulty) and an Invitation of the Nine bountie first featured in Season Of The Drifter that when compleeted give you a powerful legendary engram. For each Invitation of the Nine bounty you complete you allso get to see various cinematics where you can learn more about the nine.